For almost 50 years of residential design and construction experience have earned Moduline Industries a reputation for excellence in the manufactured housing market.  During this time, our facilities have produced over 35,000 homes.  We ensure that our homes meet the high standards set by discerning buyers.  Built by Western Canada’s leading manufacturer, quality is evident throughout every home.

Our homes showcase the latest features, styles and designs.

Results from 49 years of success in the manufactured housing industry are what we bring to you.  Our manufacturing facility has earned us a strong reputation for quality homes. We are proud of our employees and our commitment to customer service and solid housing value.

Moduline is unique.  We focus on developing new residential solutions.  Our decentralized and entrepreneurial managers know the market and respond quickly to the changing conditions.  Our attitude and structure encourage new and diverse methods.  We know that innovation must be backed by focus and passion at every level.

We invite you to be a part of Moduline.

“To supply a Quality Custom Product for an expanding global marketplace”
Our objective is to design and build a high-quality, durable and reliable product
that answers the needs of our customers. We will provide the best value,
and at all times remain efficient and courteous in our dealings with others
This is our mission
We need you to help us reach our goals.