About Moduline Homes

Manufactured and Modular Homes in Canada

Champion Homes was founded in 1953 as a single manufacturing facility in a small town in rural Michigan. Over the years, the company has grown to become a “family of builders” providing factory-built housing and other structures throughout the United States and western Canada. Our international headquarters remains in Michigan, and currently, with manufacturing facilities located throughout North America, we employ more than 4,400 dedicated employees worldwide. Since our beginning over six decades ago, the Champion family of builders has produced over 1.7 million factory-built homes for home buyers throughout North America.

From the beginning, Champion Homes has been an industry leader because of their commitment to quality and understanding of consumer needs. Drawing upon a tradition of innovation and creativity, the company developed products and processes that revolutionized the infant modular housing industry. The use of multiple modular sections to create town homes, two-story homes, and offices, set the stage for today’s sophisticated technology.

Moduline Industries has been part of the Champion family since 1988. As a proud member of the Champion Family of Home builders, we invite you to find out for yourself how much more to life there can be.